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For over three decades, Hometrust Mortgage Company has been providing excellent service and value to our customers. Our combination of an extensive suite of exceptional loan programs and our in-house processing, underwriting, and closing departments have ensured that our customers receive the best loan program for their needs as well as a successful and consistent loan experience.

Our history of growth and stability through market fluctuation is in large part due to our strength, flexibility and our high volume of new and repeat business. Our strength and flexibility equals that of loan brokers and mortgage banks, while our high volume of new and repeat business enables us to offer optimum pricing and rates among the lowest in the industry. The acquisition of Home Mortgage of America, Inc. in 2012 now allows us to service the needs of customers throughout the South in Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and New Mexico. We will soon be operating in North and South Carolina.

Our dedication to providing excellent customer service and value has made Hometrust Mortgage a top-tier correspondent lender in the mortgage industry for twenty-six years.

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Terry Knesek
Branch Mgr/ Loan Officer
(361) 215-4900
NMLS #215171

Terry Knesek got started in the mortgage business fifteen years ago working with home owners and home buyers to help them finance their homes. He has spent the last ten years with Hometrust Mortgage where he has become a Top Producer and has developed a loyal base of customers that love and refer him. Even though his many years of experience and expertise make Terry one of the most knowledgeable and successful loan officers in the area (he currently has more than 200 million in production around the coastal bend area), he has also earned a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable loan officers as well. How has he earned such a stellar reputation among borrowers? Simple, Terry not only goes to great lengths to help borrowers find the financing that they need, but he enjoys working with people on a personal basis as well. Terry has earned a reputation as being friendly, courteous, understanding and helpful which each and every one of his clients. He understands that buying a new home can be a stressful experience, which is why he does everything that he can to minimize that stress. In fact, he even provides professional advice to new home borrowers by offering credit and financial counseling. To Terry, it’s not just about helping a home borrower secure a loan. It’s about educating the borrower about the ins and outs of a home mortgage so that they understand what they are getting into, and working closely with each client to figure out how and where they can secure a home loan that not only meets their needs, but that offers favorable terms as well. Terry’s willingness to use his experience and expertise to his full advantage allows him to help his clients find the home mortgage they need makes him one of the most reputable loan officers in the area. His reputation even extends throughout the community, where he is known for being involved with the San Patricio County Realtors Association and the San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation as well as several charitable groups.

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