Lane Lauritsen Independent Bank Mortgage, NMLS # NMLS# 411428
3303 Northland Dr., Ste 111
Austin, Texas 78731

I have spent most of my career serving clients in the financial services, real estate and retail business throughout Texas. I have had the opportunity to be involved in several business ventures as an owner and operator over the last 15 years, including a successful foray into the real estate industry where I was a Texas real estate broker/owner and still maintain my broker's license.

The perspective that I’ve gained from a diverse career has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to help fulfill clients’ financial dreams of home-ownership. While the business of applying for mortgages and originating mortgages gets more challenging with each passing regulation, I am passionate about navigating through those waters with my clients. My success rests solely on the satisfaction of my clients!

I am proud to be a lifelong Texan and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and a beautiful daughter and enjoy spending my free time with my family on the water, on a golf course or on the road traveling.

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Lane Lauritsen
Residential Mortgage Expert
(512) 910-5930
NMLS #1444991

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